Evolution of Animal Ornamentation                           (ICZ 2016, Okinawa, Japan)

In 14th-19th November 2016, International Congress of Zoology (ICZ) will be held in OIST, Okinawa, Japan.  I organize a symposium #IS17
 "Evolution of Animal Ornamentation"


Aims and Scheduled speakers are listed below.

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Evolution of Animal Ornamentation


Yasukazu Okada (University of Tokyo, Japan)

Devin O’ Brian (University of Montana, USA)




Douglas J. Emlen (University of Montana, USA)

Devin O’Brian (University of Montana, USA)

Ayumu Kudo (University of Tokyo, Japan)

Christina J. Painting (University of Auckland, New Zealand)

Yasukazu OKADA (University of Tokyo, Japan)

Teiya Kijimoto (West Virginia University, USA)

Hiroki Gotoh (Nagoya University, Japan)


Satelite symposium 

Wataru Kojima (Taiawn Normal University)



Sexually selected animal ornaments are one of the most extreme cases of organismal adaptation. There is accumulating evidence that sexual selection acts as a major driving force for the evolution of exaggerated traits such as beetle horns and deer stags. Due to the clear modification of a specific body module and the relatively simple selective pressure on the target trait, animal ornaments are an attractive model for understanding the phenotypic evolution. In order to fully comprehend the evolution of ornamentation, integrative approach of behavior, morphology, genetics and development are necessary. Especially, natural variations and genetic basis of behavior and morphology should provide clues to ecological mechanisms generating the exaggerated morphologies. As proximate factors, the molecular mechanisms of sex- and condition- dependent trait expressions are important unresolved questions that may bridge ecological and developmental aspects of animal ornaments. In this symposium, we invite speakers using the interdisciplinary approaches and try to synthetize the commonality and diversity of the evolutionary mechanisms of animal ornaments.



応用動物昆虫学会2016年大会 (大阪府立大学中百舌鳥キャンパス 3/26-3/29)


多次元画像ビッグデータを活用した動物学の新展開 (JIUSSI共催)







1. 岡田 泰和・渕側 太郎 趣旨説明:多次元画像ビッグデータを活用した動物学の新展開

2. 阿部 真人・藤岡 春菜 トラッキングを用いた社会性昆虫の動態と個体間相互作用の解析

3. 菊地 友則・林 叔克・菅原 研・結城 麻衣・辻 和希 社会性昆虫における集団レベルのリズム活動発現メカニズム

4. 水元 惟暁 シロアリの構造物形成における種内変異を生み出すメカニズム

5. 橋本 佳明・木村 敏文 君は僕に似ている?—画像解析手法を用いたアリ擬態の研究